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Code Geass R2 Episode 24– fine battle not much else

Hey two of 'em.
Hey two of 'em

Yeah fun fighting

And Zero wins again. They brought back to trickery again. I did not expect Lelouch to pop out and geass Schneizel like that. Although Schneizel’s goals concerning everything seem a little weird. So Charles wants everyone to join together in a blob and Schneizel wants to sit in a space station making sure everyone plays nice? It seems so boring and passé. If one is the ruler of half the world the least they could do is something interesting. The world domination issue from last season was pretty cool. They should have stuck with that instead of going nuts with trying to freeze the world. At least with world domination you get to blow stuff up. Although Lelouch has some silly goals as well. For Lelouch and Schneizel they are trying to create a perfect world and screwing everyone who gets in their way.

not dead

The Black Knights are a footnote. Just bring them up and forget about them. Kallen is trying to kill Lelouch and failing. Ohgi is hanging out in a broken ship. The Chinese guy is making a good puppet for Schneizel. The loudmouth guy got shut down pretty well. I want him to come back and be the one to kill Lelouch or something. It would be very fitting. Toudou gets stopped cold. So they turned into amateur hour pretty quick. They are just the pawns that Lelouch created them for. They are unable to get anything done without Lelouch babysitting them.

staring into your soul

Nunnally probably shows the most character development. She shoulders the burden of launching FREYA. She also overcomes geass to find the remote and get ready to blow everyone up. She is the only one the pretty consistently causes Lelouch to be surprised. It will be next episode to find out if what her choice in everything will be. As long as it is not like earlier and a knightmare comes and sweeps her away it may be pretty cool. This will be the great confrontation between Lelouch’s goals and the focus of those goals for a long time. She holds the future in more ways then one.

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