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Code Geass R2 episode 22– It gets weirder and weirder

hey looky there,  I want somthing right now.
hey looky there, I want somthing right now.

What happened to this great show?

Lelouch is just another anti-villain. He supposedly has these great ideals but all he is doing is gaining power for himself. Last season he was a rebel fighting for good, and now he is a jackass making people his slaves. He even takes a room of people and uses geass on them just to do that. It is absolutely silly. Instead of creating a world of peace he is just spouting off about destroying everything. Schneizel is not any better. Through in the allusion to Greek mythology in the form of the sword of Damocles and he is just as bad. He starts dropping Freya on people. And poor little Japan is stuck in the middle.

The U.N. would be a lot cooler if this happened.

There are no heroes in this show anymore. The princess-girl in charge of Japan is just as bad as Lelouch. She has no power to hurt so she doesn’t but she did try to force Zero to marry her. She was just going to use Zero for her own ends. Now that Zero is no longer useful to her she throws a big cage around Lelouch. She is no better then Lelouch going crazy in Britannia. Also she does not want Britannia to join because she would lose her power. If power is based on democracy and she does not want to give that up does she really believe in democracy? Kallen is also all to ready to kill Lelouch even though he still cares for her as much as anyone.

It is kinda rude to box an emperor

Nunally is back, which makes me mad. She was in the flash and everything. Why did the super-nurse-ninja not tell Lelouch she was still alive? This is ridiculous. Is Lelouch now going to change all of his plans because she is back? Why did she let Schneizel destroy a city? Either she is another pawn or she is guilty herself of killing folks. I think this episode is better the last three but dang if the story is cliché, boring, and not what Code Geass could have been.

Just go watch Death Not for a good anti-villain. I really don’t know where this is going but it does not look good. Zero Requiem better be the most badass thing in the world.

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