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Code Geass R2 Episode 14–OMG OMG OMG

Wow this a great episode

Lelouch’s craziness is riding high today. To atone for the death for Shirley he kills a bunch of scientists. It makes one wonder which lines that Lelouch will or will not cross. He wants to make a better world but is perfectly willing to kill people who will not fight back. Even C.C. has fallen into the madness that Lelouch is spreading. There is the poignant scene were scientists are begging for their lives and C.C. watches them get hit by a missile. Despite the fact that she used to have responsibility at the facility she lets them die. It begs the question; what kind of soldier follows Lelouch? They are people who are willing to fight despite massive reservations. They kill even when they know it is wrong. C.C. carries out her orders perfectly even though she is struggling with remorse. What kind of world will be left when those who fight for it are feeling awful about the atrocities they have committed?

Lelouch is not alone in being a bastard in this episode. Suzaku takes out the refrain to use on Kallen. The drug that destroyed her mother is going to be used on her. No amount of friendship will protect her from Suzaku. He is cementing his ultimate destruction. So far in the series he did have the capacity to go to Lelouch’s side and fight for justice. But now he is becoming a villain that must be stopped. He is not guided by any sense of right or wrong but out of protecting the system. He is a fascist in the worse sense. Rolo is certainly going to get his just desserts. Lelouch almost got him with the bomb, but Cornelia prevented the retribution.

The ending definitely makes me want to see what happens next. This show is definitely turning into a battle of wills and not technology. Lelouch’s followers break their morals following his orders with little hesitation. Suzaku is willing to turn against friends to protect an evil government. The emperor is taking a more active role in the fight by taking Lelouch to wherever the hell that is.

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