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Claymore – quick thought


I know this sounds really dumb, but…wow…what a beginning! Just what I expected from MADHOUSE. The show gave me a little bit of the feeling of Berserk. But the era isn’t filled with evil…just yet. The first “Claymore” woman that appears is Clair. She’s played by one of my favorite seiyuu – Kuwashima Houko. She completely struck me down with her absolutely cold and other worldly performance – yeah, I know these descriptions sound so cheesy, but the meaning behind them fits her character. As the village head of the village that asked her to come and exterminate the monster/yoma/akuma/demon/whichever says in the show: “I thought she’d be more human! She’s just like a monster!” Fortunately for us drooling over woman warriors, she’s good look and distant, with just the right tough of evil flair – nothing like growling teeth showing demons, but just cold enough. And I thought Mirelle in Noir during the first episode had cold eyes (they were icy blue). Clair’s are silver. Really cold, distant, unhuman-like.

Just the right type of woman for people like me (OK, now that sounds creepy). But yeah, seriously, MADHOUSE animation never goes bad. The blood is there but stylishly done. The fight scenes…gosh, it’s MADHOUSE, it’s sword fighting animation from MADHOUSE, what do you think?

So just to add another thought on the probably extremely high thought pile – AWESOME. Just AWESOME. Now, El Cazada on the other hand…I’ll save that for another time.

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