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Chihayafuru 2 Episode 20: Of the Autumn Rice Field


Is it just me or is Kana-chan so much cuter drawn in Azumanga style? And shame on you Arata for that heinous remark regarding Sumire. On account of your amazingly adorable blush, I shall forgive you this time.

I really like Shinobu. Her ego barely fits through the door but her ability is wider. Her angry determination can only mean delightful fireworks in the near future.

One of the joys I had playing the violin involved the mandatory use of my left or non dominant hand. I had fears that my right would perform much better than the other so it pleased me to know that both of my hands function on par with each other. And it provided my only opportunity to put my left hand to use. My sentiments are not shared by those who elect to match their instrument to dominant hand such as Courtney from Me & This Army who plays with a left handed guitar.

It would be fascinating to learn the evolutionary reason in developing a particular side of the brain that leads to a dominance. Just like learning new languages, we are clearly capable of equal dexterity in both. Instead of training to take cards with certain fingers, Chihaya should have brought both hands into her repertoire.

There must be left handed karuta players though. Does it provide an advantage like baseball or tennis?

While they’re certainly karuta rivals, Taichi has to be referring to the love triangle. Given I have never had such a problem, I won’t pretend to give bad advice. That said, it’s depressing that we confine our love lives to such narrow paradigms. Threesome and polygamy are words for a good reason. And like one’s non dominant hand, if one has such inclinations, it’s fun to put them in action!

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