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Chaos; Head episode 03 – Greek God and Destruction and all that jazz (RAY)

Note: Look for Mike’s review later. You know my style so do not expect any deep analysis!

All right, ending number 1: Taku is the demon god. The girls are here to take the demon god out.

Ending number 2: the demon has not yet “Descended” on him, but that will happen soon.

Ending number 3: he’s the sacrifice.

So, the line between reality and fantasy blurs as he realizes that he was the one fleeing the scene but nobody else was there. To me, that’s clear enough. But of course, we’re talking about a graphic novel and perhaps he’s not the guy who did it.

Of course telegraphing sucks, but then again, anything can happen in a graphic novel, Japanese style, right?

A huge cover up is going on (duh).

Of course no sleepwalking happened.

Having not seen Higurashi or Perfect Blue, I can only say that Taku is probably not Haruhi and whatever he wishes doesn’t necessarily come true, that murderous Otaku (like me)…Or…

It’s all speculative of course but nice animation, music and cute girls with large swords. That’s keeping me satisfied.

Surprise me, surprise me, please…

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