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Chaos: Head 9 – A weak, cowardly, Shinji Tyler Durden.

So, how many people that have been following this show without having played the game already guessed?

Well, silly me, I sure didn’t.

Knowing that this Takumi is as real as Kishimoto wearing the school swimsuit, all of the sudden it gets clearer.

He’s the baby that Sena’s mother held in the experiment. He has the power of imaging destruction, and if we can believe what Kishimoto says, he’s probably the resurrection of the demon king, and the demon king gave power of delusion, and…

Yes Otaku, what you’re going through in life is a trial; you’ll be better than ippanjin around you when you get through it.

I wonder if Mike will have a field day with this episode?

Too many plot twists already and I’m getting tired. Just let it end.

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