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Chaos; Head 7 – no wonder more and more people are becoming Otaku

Ah ha! So there ARE more things than hentai doujinshi and figures in these backpacks after all! I was right! XD

The plot is becoming clearer but unfortunately my fear is probably becoming true – too many things are going on, but only some will be explored.

Remember the moon and negative energy spot? Well, in this episode, what is clear is that Nozomi Corp makes a device that makes people delusional, in an attempt to copy the real power of delusions. The world is computerized and some people have the natural power of making delusions true. But nothing to do with the full moon driving people crazy and the negative energy spot in the middle of Shibuya. Or maybe that’ll come later, oh and don’t forget the strange myth that Fes has been speaking of.

But yeah for now, it seems like a trinity of evil is controlling the nation of Japan. Don’t tell me, next the show will say that they were the cause of all the atrocities committed in WWII. Jokings aside, the end game is near and let’s see if they can pull this one off; I doubt it.\

P.S. I wonder how many people cried “foul” when the red screen of death appeared. Thank God for backup servers (he’s got one?) But yeah, that is if you actually don’t find Taku annoying; I do.

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