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Candy Boy ep 01 – it’s good to be a yuri fanboy…

Wow, and it didn’t have any strong sexual overtones like Strawberry Panic! Not that I hated Strawberry Panic, no, no, no, not at all.

I’m definitely leaning toward the darker side of it all – yeah, you know, make out, have ecchi feelings, hug and kisses and all that.

This really isn’t anything different from OAV, except maybe the animation quality decreased ever so slightly. But Yukino (EDIT: it’s Kanade, I got the names switched), played by Nabatame Hitomi-chan, is still nice a little bit tsundere, and of course, Kanade (EDIT: it’s Yukino…) is Kanade – clueless like Belldandy, and yet prepared like Belldandy.

Saki is simply just the loli-con character who’s a fan.

To be fair, nobody here is really all that interesting, and even the loli character isn’t a scheming character.

But hey, it’s shojo-ai, the purest love on earth, better than anything else. Better, it’s forbidden love between twin sisters…

Wait a sec, I think they have a yaoi equivalent for that! It’s scary but I’m starting to understand yaoi fangirls (committing hari kiri)!

There is no boy, but hey, what the hell.

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