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Canaan 06 – I’m a terrorist from hell

Gotta say, I’m in an evil mood right now so I’ll speak as if I were evil.

Nice virus there, Alphard and gang. Blood spewing like fountain is exactly the way a human pig oughta die. The best thing is that terrorism isn’t some stupid plane crash anymore, but virus spreading around the world, which would get rid of enough humans to make the planet nice and spacious again. You know the best part is? Most of these viruses were invented by us Americans or them Germans and some by Japanese. Grand, just grand.

I think Tanake Rie gave a superior voice-over than the rest with her crazed longing for her idol. She longed to be loved and cared for but her idol only treats her like a pair of disposible chopsticks – great to use when needed but once useless, better discarded.

It burns Lian, Rie’s character, deep inside and she’s ready to explode. Oh yes. Also, the evil Meer Campbell-like chibi character on the screen is such an adorable abdomination. Die, selfish humans, die!

The guy reporter basically explains some of the plot to the audience and so his quest continues.

Osawa Maria is useless and worthless except to keep the plot going. Well, actually, if Alphard says she has some use, then she does. I’ll keep looking.

As usual, Rierie is one step above the rest of the cast in voice-acting. Good job and I wish her character would get what she wishes. Alas.

More fight sequences, please. More powers conflicts, please. It’s Nasu, so please don’t hold back.

Oh and don’t forget how Bill spoke of true love on stage! Now that’s an American president!

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