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Blue drop ep 04, 05 – Love makes one’s brain muddle

Well, well.

I didn’t see the point of the gang except to show that Akane is a bad girl. But it’s so sweet that Akino saves Mari, and Mari throws herself at Akino.

The heroine saves the damsel in distress. “Hers and hers” towel in the bathroom for them! Ooooh.

Akino’s willing to betray her whole race for the sake of Mari, and Mari’s definitely falling for her. So I was right! In movies, sitcom, drama, and even anime, couples fall in love by arguing.

But the supreme commander of the fleet isn’t going to let her go free and easy.

By protecting Mari, she’s definitely incurred wrath onto herself.

For whatever odd reason, when she choked Mari in episode 1, I knew they were going to fall in love. I was thinking Eva, when Shinji choked Asuka by the end of the movie.

There isn’t a heavy sense of these girls obviously falling fiercely in love like Strawberry Panic. But the school is exactly like a secret garden of the girls…It’s just so sweet Mari throws herself at Asuka…I mean Akino…Uh.

Interesting tactic by firing a huge ass frozen ice stake at the enemy using…”boson jump” from Nadesico, or “transporter” similar to Star Trek. Interesting tactic, indeed. I kind of expected some kind of Nadesico scenario where Akino would become just like Yurika and out maneuver and user superior strategy to defeat the enemy. Oh well, it’s a yuri show. I’m perfectly happy seeing girls in love with each other.

That probe/capturing device with tentacles on the other hand….0___________O …I wonder how many male doujin authors are going to make great doujinshi out of it. I hope they feature both Akino and Mari gets probed and played and they get so turned on…

Ahem, in any case. the drama here is not bad, but it isn’t soul shaking, either.

85% recommended for your daily anime diet.

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