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Bamboo Blade, Episode 2

It’s nice to hold on to a dream.

I wonder how many male otaku, anime fans or Sentai fans dreamed of women who like the same thing as they do? As the “Otaku” legend would have it?

How likely is it that some girl would actually watch and love, no not like, love Sentai shows, and then decides to be a hero/champion of justice unless she was born a lesbian?

You have to forgive my prejudice and my stereotypical perception of women, I’m American with a heavy dose of cynicism.

In any case, Tamaki, with her sense of justice and that “burning flame for the peace and smile” for the humanity” despite her poker-face look, decides to fight the older kendo student.

The outcome is obviously predictable. Tamaki’s straight stab saves the day…Except she doesn’t have any trouble with the guy anyway, despite a little mishap. And she’s reminded why she studied Kendo in the first place, and what her teacher told her about the essence of Kendo, which is not used to cut people but to yada yada yada…Whatever.

So the older student goes away probably seething in his teeth, you’ll regret this.

Tamaki gets over her reluctance, feeling grown up, she, Kirino, Miyako (played by Kuwashima Houko-chan, oohoo), and the boys go out to lunch, and she has a traditional “manly” lunch consists of rice and umeboshi. Yuck. What happened to steak, pork, and all that greasy goodness?

Oh well, like a regular girl, she’s afraid of being fat.

Later, they go back to the kendo club and practice. Tamaki beats the teacher guy easily, he sulks.

Then sexual harassment happens and Kirino loves it…I mean the teacher gives her a shoulder massage as if he’s her masseuse, and she loves it. It is true that the younger person in the group can actually help out the older or more senior person with a massage and that seems to be OK in Japan, I guess the humor here is that the senior person give massage to the younger person, and another younger person kicks his ass easily.

For the next episode, we’ll finally get to meet one of the wackier members of the club? XD

Our little Tamaki finally makes friends, gets over her reluctant self, and becomes the defender of the world (read: her kendo club full of misfits).

67% recommended for you daily anime diet.

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