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Bamboo Blade 26 – why is it so good?

Boy, here’s an impossible task – to identify why Bamboo Blade is so good despite being so plain and almost realistic (yeah, I know it depends on what you define as “realistic”)

However, what’s not to like?

A team of characters playing off each other, and each with memorable personality (even without deep backgrounds), fun little quirky characters, charming and nostalgic music, a warm feeling of youth, a dash of humor…

What’s there not to like?

Despite being quite normal, except girls (Tamaki and later, Rin), with impossible tastes (high school girls watching sendai shows? That’s an Otaku’s fantasy), and a girl with dark side of the force rising (Miya-Miya rocks), together with everyone acting normal and yet fun without being boring at all, mix all that with realistic struggle, and what we have here folks, is a triumph in heart-warming drama. No, it’s actually not comedic enough for me to laugh (effects may differ for you), but somehow, this show makes one wants to care for the characters badly.

Something that a lot of people may actually never taste until some time in their lives – losing for the first time.

Bitter? Not satisfied at all? Wanting to get back at the other guy/girl?

That’s not something unusual, but experience it with Tamaki, it simply feels quite different.

Crisis in your organization? What to do?

The teacher takes the blame and leaves, but guess what? None of that “Let’s go look for them and ditch our classes and lives momentarily.”

But life goes on. But then again, who knows what will happen next? What you lost, you may get it back later.

Sportsmanship make rivals almost like friends. Simple, clean, almost endearing.

It’s a show I would recommend watching again on the DVDs/paid downloads that you shall have in future.

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