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Bamboo Blade 24, 25 – a slap in the face – my face.


Oh Mai…Wait a second, I meant, omai…iya, that’s not right either. I meant, oh my goodness.

Azuma really tells Miyamiya, and in the same process, told me.

“You can’t decide that on your own!”

“Twice and you’re gonna quit?”

“You wanna quit? You can decide if you wanna quit after you win it!”

While I was watching I felt that I was getting a few needed slaps in the face, telling me not to just bitch and give up so easily. I mean, I don’t know but have you ever had the moment where something that’s on TV seems to be talking to you directly?

I think I’ll custom order a T-Shirt that says: “Everything I learn about life comes from anime.”

What this episode does used to be done in shonen sports manga, when the main character is down and out, or the main team is down and out, and one of the members or a best friend comes, and talk, but often, beat up the main guy and tell him to get it straight. Well, Azuma’s seiyyu really struck a chord within me. Her lines stung, and stung deep. These were well-placed slaps. I watched the scene 2 more times just to remember that.

As for the rest, um…What did Tamaki do get out of it?

I do remember Kirino getting a lesbian scare (and me with a “go for it” cheer – yes, I’m actually kidding) when Saya came on really strong.

But hey, it’s Bamboo Blade. The two trouble makers submitted their quitting/resigning form, after the tougher guy loses to Dan the armadillo, and then we learn that the tough guy actually loves kendo…so he picks on people…so to protect the club, they both quit…yeah

Whatever. But the episode was simply a great watch. Moving on to 25 –

Wow, another bang.

I guess Miya didn’t use flash blade, or read the yoki of that fake American, but she used the classic “power of love” junk.

I think her English didn’t really improve from when she was in Nadesico as Yurika….Oh wait a sec.

But you know what? It was…kind of cool how she won in the official tournament, and then in the aftermath.

The traditional music and the conveniently grown reeds were pretty cool. I kinda expected she to throw the shinai at that moronic stalker after she wins. One shot takes care of two opponents, but she didn’t.

I kept on screaming: “Use the Fuuzan ! Use the Fuuzan ( see Claymore manga)!”

Yeah, I know, annoying fanboyism and stupid crossovers tha will never happen (and whatever else), so moving on…

I guess based on Kenshin’s opponents, Tama-chan would make a great assassin (with that stabber opponent episode in Kenshin). But the samurai music and the battle sequences were simply excellent. Damn, this show is fun to watch even if there really isn’t anything super special about it.

Is Kojiro gone for good? Hell no. Guess who are going to go look for him?

Great episodes that resolves a lot of conflicts and gets the show going. Looking forward to episode 26.

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