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Bakemonogatari 09 – Snake! Snake! Heh heh heh

So we get to deal with the next freak who comes near “A nya nya nya gi”. He probably has the body that enable him to attract people with issues that borrow power knowingly or unknowingly from supernatural forces. Then again, it is probably because he’s a supernatural harem lead that it has been girls only that he gets to help and save, from the young to the old. The lolicon is saved, thanks to his encounter with Hachikuji the elementary school girl who talks about her chest and behind and now Sengoku with her middle school girl body and a bloomer.

So, why is it that we get names associated with war or sounds like it? The Kanji of Senjogahara means warring field (戦場が原), and Sengoku can also be written as 戦国, which refers to the Warring State Era in Japanese history. Of course, I may be stretching the line here.

In any event, today’s animation features something similar to the another show about supernatural creatures, Ayakashi (not the dating sim one), though the similarity is slim. I guess there is an artistic message somewhere that I don’t get.

The memory of “A nenene negi” seems to serve an important role here – if he remember the girl’s name at the right time, then everything may change. But of course we won’t have a story.

It is rather odd not to see SJgR in the episode and the meganeko may have provided a strong “hint” that SJgR isn’t there – she doesn’t want to see Kanbaru being so close to “A whoa whoa whoa gi” and she doesn’t want to deal with the lesbian (bi?) in person. Hanekawa the meganeko gets some character development and of course we’ve been wondering why is it that she seems to know just about everything; she even knows the name of the destroyed shrine.

The contrast of the collapsed shrine and yet unharmed Torii gates is striking and perhaps instructive.

Of course, how many of you loli-lovers out there got off your rocks when you saw Sengoku almost completely naked? Did you feast your eyes on not quite immature body wearing only a bloomer with possibly a small pair of panties barely covering her ass and crotch underneath? She even asks innocently: “Do you, a grown adult, get excited seeing a middle school girl’s naked body?”

To which, Araragi says in a manly voice: “No, of course not.” Then, like an embarrassed harem lead,  he consults Kanbaru. Kanbaru then totally ruins the moment by saying something about one shouldn’t say nay so obviously, and like a good harem lead, Araragi corrects himself, and well…

Onto the next episode where we’ll find out if Segoku is really a snake monster or being possessed by one.

Additional Notes:

It is now my belief that Hanekawa is cursed with knowing too many things or rather, having too much knowledge. Maybe you saw that coming a mile away, but of course I had to watch this episode to guess that. Hoc-chan’s (Horie Yui) character does a good seduction here in your typical girl-forcing-herself-onto-the-guy thing but stops short. The distance among Araragi, Senjogahara, Kanbaru, and even Hanekawa is getting blurred ever so slightly. Araragi asks Kanbaru and not Senjogahara for help. That seemed natural given that Kanbaru, not Senjogahara, meets Sengoku in the show, but to me, that seems like a hint of possible relationship shift issue. Because it seems like SJgR is Araragi’s “partner in crime” when it comes to help other supernaturally afflicted. But in this episode, his partner in crime is now Kanbaru.

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