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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 5 – Hallellujah, it’s raining meta

Is the average Japanese Otaku in love with traps???!!! There are man-maid cafes in Akiba and now there is a dude that looks like a lady in Chinese dress in this show, what the hey?

What’s your breakfast for today? Akihisa had breadcrumbs this morning, thank you. This just goes to proove that there are starving kids in Japan, so eat it! Just eat it!

What’s heaven for our Peeping Kota (forget Tom, or even Fred)? The girl’s locker room, of course! He faces his toughest challenge in life when locker doors automatically open and reveal the items owned by Japanese high school girls. Can he keep his sanity? Can he keep his cool? Can he keep his…blood inside his nose?

Of course, the moe-moe Hatsuki makes moelicious apparences and of course Akihisa saves the day after finally winning the prize. All is good when you can help a cute girl, right?

For yuri fans, of course Minami gets groped because the secret is hidden under…

Oh yes, even if you know very little Japanese, as long as you know something about below the tree (木下), you’ll be just fine. But don’t confess to a trap in real life, though. It won’t bring you happiness or love!

It’s one punchline after another that has me down and out and laughing on the floor without booze. The refree has counted to ten and I’ve fallen. The absurditiy of it all is silly but funny. I highly recommend keeping up with this show.

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