Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 3 – dates from hell

Something I never had to endure, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on which way you’re looking at, or which direction you’re looking at if you were the pantie gazing, people stalking not to mention nose bleeding guy in the show.

So, Akihisa is damn poor; not because his family is but it’s because he doesn’t get enough allowance. So he has to half a cup of cup ramen in half and eat two “meals” a day. But here’s the problem, two cute girls are taking him out to date, two weekends in a row, and he can barely afford to spend about 30 bucks at each date!

Oh boy, and one of the girls, Minami, is quite happy to give him the Scorpion deadlock at any time.

Being the neta show it is, of course it messes around with different concepts, such as changing the announcer from Batou…I mean Ozuka Akio-san, to the boring teacher. But the teacher’s dull and dry voice adds a layer of dry humor on top of the ridiculousness of it all. And yes,

A boy can also have a toast in his mouth while running to school, so be careful what you wish for and who you bump into.

Yuji isn’t better off, his date is truly the date from hell. He wants to go, she chains him and uses the stun gun on him from time to time, and she picks the longest movie to watch every time, twice in a row, on the same date!

Is “War and Peace” the movie really 7 hours long? Oh boy…

I’m really not spoiling anything important because you have to just watch the episode to laugh. The comedic timing and the neta’ing is funny as hell.

Finally, what about that letter that Himeji Mizuki were going to send? Well, to avoid spoilers and not to give the punchline away, you’ll just have to watch the episode.

Man, haven’t had such a good and honest laugh in two seasons! Make sure you don’t skip any of the introduction by the original annoucer in the first two minutes in order to get into the mood. It’s quite enjoyable.

Additional notes: Once again, this episode uses a little bit of Shaft techniques. What the hey? XD

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