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Arashi No Yoru Ni: Secret Friend, ero-anime?

I’m not sure if this is considered “anime.” It’s a 3D animation made internationally, mostly by Koreans and Indians. It’s more like a Pixar work, which I’m usually allergic to. But, since Kugyuu (Kugimiya Rie) is doing a voice-over, it’s absolutely qualified to be “anime.” There’s always an exception, right? And Arashi No Yoru Ni – Himitsu No Tomodachi (One Stormy Night – Secret Friend) is the exception!

Btw, the moe OP is sung by Sea☆A, a very cute Singaporean female pop group. And the regurgitating ED is by U-KISS, a K-pop dude group. So, it’s quite international.

I just love the 1st episode of Arashi No Yoru Ni. I mean the dialogue between a wolf and a goat is surreal. And Gabu, a young wolf, does a one-man stage play like Issey Ogata. The ultimate jigyaku (self-depreciating comedy). The writing is much better than AnoHana or any Nishio animes! The writer must be a genius. The best writer I’ve encountered so far!

Yes, when I was watching it, some otaku commented that the story resembled Jataka. Oh yeah, I didn’t realize that. One of Gautama Buddha’s past lives, he threw himself before a tigress, so the tigress could eat him to feed her cub. 捨身飼虎 (shashinshiko). Once he was a rabbit, he threw himself into the fire to feed a starving man. And this time, a goat named Mei, unintentionally throws himself in front of a starving wolf! 捨身飼狼 (shashinshirou). Yes, like a scapegoat. But secret friendship has emerged instead, or some even interprets it to be BL. But that was a movie version then.

But this new TV version, the goat is female! The original work is actually not a manga, but a children’s book. But in the anime, sexual innuendo all over the place! Struggle between reason and desire, especially carnal desire as nikushokukei (carnivore)! But Gabu must turn into a vegetarian! Soushokukei-ookami (herbivorous wolf). I mean Mei swaying her butt is overemphasized like Marylin Monroe, which horrifically induces Gabu’s desire. So much eros in it! And with Kugyuu’s voice, I almost had a moe on Mei. Yagi moe (山羊萌え “goat moe”)! However, it’s utterly wrong to have a moe on animals, that’s bestiality, the lowest of all as a human being. So I suppressed it. Yeah, just like Gabu does behind the swinging butt!

Ughhhh, can't hold back anymore!

Ahh, from the next episode, Hocchan (Horie Yui) will be appearing as a little sister of Kugyuu! Moetical goat sisters! Elmer Gantry would be screaming at me “Shame, shame, shame!” at a net cafe.

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