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Aoi Hana 08 – Can you imagine being the guy?

Maybe I’m lucky, maybe I’ve been blessed; maybe I’ve been cursed, but the fact that I’m a straight up, hardcore Otaku means I don’t have to suffer as Kyoko’s fiancee in the show does.

He loves her; he wants to be the person she loves, but he’s not the person.

I saw no hints that indicated the fiancee character knew about Kyoko being a lesbian. If he knew, it’d be even more painful!

This episode is a nice little episode where the girls are being innocently together as friends. Really, that’s what it would look like in real life! But it isn’t real life, so…

Fumi gazes into Akira’s face for some time when she helped her.

Akira blushes like a girl in love…Ahhh…

For whatever odd reason, I think I can understand fujoshi, just from the other side – fantasizing about women being together.

I personally think this is yuri done right; for anyone who hates Strawberry Panic (why), the reserved, pure, almost innocent (save that Sugimoto “bastard”) feels of the girls, plus they giggle and laugh together sharing a girls’ moment is just kyaaaaaaaaaa (totally gushing like a fan girl at this point).

With that nasty Sugimoto “bastard” outta way (I hope), maybe Aa-chan will finally realizes her feeling for Fumi is just more than friends??? Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I mean oh Yuri oh Yuri oh Yuri!

I even saw some yuri flowers in the show…wow…

But, if I were the fiancee, I think I would be pissed drunk and sad.

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