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Akikan 8 – Fuck me…actually, just shoot me.

(Editor’s note: insert your own Eva mind-fuck music in the background!)

Is it coming?

I guess it is!

Are you going on a date with a girl?

No! I’m gay and I’m just pretending!

Why is he gay?

Because I’m practically jumping his bones at every turn…

but he avoids me like the plague!

And he falls asleep in such an obvious environment!

What a jerk? Should I kill him?

No! I love jerks! Hell, I’d fuck him any day!

Why are you gay?

Because at least I’m blunt about it!

Unlike Kageru!

Why are you interested in Otoya, who is gay through and through?

Because women love gays!

Are you a lesbian?

I don’t know.

Is she a lesbian?


Are you a lesbian?

I don’t know…

Nabatame Hitomi is in this show and El is played by her "lover" Noto Mamiko

I don’t know!

I don’t know.

(Editor’s note:…Somebody please start fucking somebody…)

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