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Akane iro ni Somaru Saka 01 – You’re not asking me to define this one (Ray)

Wai!!! Aya-chan is imouto chara (Minato)! Kawaii!

Or rather, she’s now gentler and cuter Konata.

But…I was utterly confused at the beginning, I mean, what the hell?

And that seems to actually play a role (I’m sure those of you who played the game already know why).

Kugimi’s voices seems kind of bland to me – now she sounds like any typical harem girl. But what a cute one at that.

The main lead is another one with a reputation again, but in reality just another regular guy…But at least Ryuji in Toradora looks like a mean bastard. This one is too much of a bishonen.

Oh and he (Junichi) seems to imagine a ton…? Or something really weird is going on in this world…

The first 10 minutes were rather boring though.

I’m shocked how the seiyuu power in this show. Kugimi, Aya-chan, Rierie…

Damn I’m dripping down there!!!! Oh and for BL lovers, Ishida Akira (Fuyushiki) and the teacher (Sugishita) who loves to pick on Junichi (screaming girls…)

Oh and those of you who didn’t guess Yuhi is the transfer student please raise your hand…

BAKA! XD Come on! It’s like the anime telegraphs it.

Fortunately, Yuhi actually goes violent (boso) later after Jun gets some kind of mental suggestions later.

Like I said, something really weird and not so fitting is going on in this world.


I laughed when everything odd just happened. Nice interactions from the class scene on. This Ishida character reminds a little of Zelouss from Slayers.

Things that are different:

Two rich girls.

Weird agent parents?

The boy kisses the girl but the girl kicks his ass and then has to be his fiancee.

Why didn’t the seed explode??? Why didn’t the seed explode??? AHHHHHHH!!!


Kugimi Tsundere mode explodes!

Damn interesting twist in the typical situation since Ai Aoi Aoshi.

The end simply makes it all that more ridiculous. This isn’t Full metal panic, you know.

Oh well, the wackiness is making me wanting to see more.

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