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2 in 1 review – Nogisaka sitcom (Nogosaka ep 04) and Pantsu kudasai + no pants please (Strike Witches ep 05)


Perhaps I’ve been too lenient and just not cynical enough, I mean, why should I give these 2 shows – Nogisaka Haruka no Himitsu and Strike Witches – a specific review for each? So, I’ve decided to combine their reviews into one.

Let’s go with Nogisaka first.

Today’s episode is a sitcom like many typical sitcoms:

The teacher suggests: "Let's have a 3-some."

Something happens, the characters mistaken it for something else, and misunderstandings happen.

Seriously, besides that, this was a pure fan service episode (different types of fan services including not showing panties but having a much-loved seiyuu does a line from another show). The actual plot?

and I'm touched

The glasses maid seems to be worrying about something, and Haruka, her sister, the other maid who’s mischievous, and of course Ayase, our hapless hero, decide to tail glasses maid to find out! And of course, Haruka and Ayase realized the true reason (yeah right) and Haruka decides that she will give meganeko maid her freedom.

The plot would’ve been rather bland if it weren’t for Haruka’s loli sister dressing up in sexy underwear and doing enticing poses and provocative speeches (loli-cons probably all satisfied themselves countless times after pausing different scenes with her in it) and the fact that for junjou (pure love/pure hearted) otaku probably enjoyed the wedding picture.

Do you remember the time that Tony and Angela (80’s famous sitcom)/ Ross and Rachael (90’s famous sitcom)/ so and so (I hate 00’s so insert your own sitcom characters) did…? Well, that was my feelings for this episode of Nogisaka.

(I’ve already gotten the Ska-like ED for the show and I like it for its Denpa-like properties). Moving on to today’s Strike Witches.

Having a wet dream

Pantsu! Pantsu! Pantsu! Pantsu…

And thank the anime gods Tanaka Rie is in this one playing a girl with only pantsu on…

Now let’s look at this show from the other side of the coin –

No pants! No pants! No pants! No pants…

That doesn’t rhythm better. But this is a situation where both sides of the coin are presented at the same time – Pantsu kudasai and pantsu nai kudasai!

Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho I kill myself…

Focus, soldier!

In any case, more yuri goodness goes on when Yoshika starts the episode dreaming like a teenage boy with his first (or quintillionth) wet dream about groping big breasts. Of course the episode ends with Yoshika fulfilling her subconscious quest of groping a girl’ big breasts…

Wow I didn’t know she’s a dirty Japanese salary man deep within her psyche!

Having my melon pan in mid air

Aa… Ooki… Boin, boin, boin, boin, boin…

Well, yuri fans, rejoice! The day is saved, thanks to –

Girls wearing no long pants, girls with big breasts, and girls who grope them.

Enjoying your summer, everyone?

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