12 Days of Christmas: animepiphany, Nanasaki’s strip tease

Ohh, Xmas season, where I came from, this is the day when riajuu make themselves perfected by ultimate skinship, cuddling between the sheets beside X-mas tree… Ahh, watching White Album 2, and that is really complicado, but a perfect show for spending Xmas alone drinking alcohol, listening to Todokanai Koi (unreachable romance), yes, ko-hi…so, I look for epiphany from 2D world.

Well, epiphany… So, the theme of this 12 Day series is about epiphany from anime, or animepiphany. Of course, the animepiphany of the year 2013 will be Mikasa’s abs. That was the most shocking epiphany of the year 2013. But if I must choose animepiphany of all time, that would be from a rabukome (rom-com) anime. And Amagami SS is an anime about a guy who got turned down on Xmas in his middle school years would revenge in his high school years. So, very suitable for Xmas. Well, I should say that particular scene from Amagami SS when Nanasaki says to you, “Hey senpai, look at this!” And then she lifts up her skirt in front of you! But, alas, it’s not panties, it’s swimsuit!!! She is the high school swimming team captain, so she wears swimsuit pre-emptively. I almost got heart-attack from that scene, beer overflowing from my nostril.


I never seen any girl did that kind of tease in high school, or any of that in real life. This is so dream-like, yes, that’s why it is 2D!!!! If I had this kind of kouhai in my high school, I would never have moved to America.

We usually need kamikaze (God’s wind) to see under skirts, yes, like God’s invisible hand that lift up skirts instead of correcting the market. Btw, what is definition of God? John Lennon’s definition was “a concept that measures our pain.” Adam Smith’s was “the One who corrects the market.” And to us otaku, or more specifically kimo-ota (repulsive otaku), “the One who lifts up skirts.” The old definition of kamikaze was “suicide mission airplane attack.” But now the new definition is “the wind that blows skirts” for panchira, a very moe moment for hentai-shinshi (perverted gentlemen). So, our definition of God is “the one who lifts up skirts.” And this case, Nanasaki lifts up her own skirt for us, so Nanasaki is God! Or Goddess! By that action, she has proved to me that she is Goddess. The image above is totally self-evident! Strip brought light to the world! I will give toast to that! Salud! So, it’s epiphany, but at the same time, it’s theophany (God appears)!

Yes, this isn’t even panchira, so it’s not obscenity, since it’s not pantsu but just swimsuit, so this is no way PG-13. No age restriction should apply. Completely legal and moral epiphany of all time!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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