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Scattered Cels Laugh Track #0 – Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora 01

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Well…after a long hiatus, and even though we’re not all that happy with some of the results, we’ve decided to release this anyway–the zeroth episode Laugh Track, a downloadable Mystery Science Theater 3000-style commentary track for a particular episode of anime. This is episode 0, not 1, because we learned a lot of lessons from this first attempt and we know we can do better in the future. There’s still good stuff in this episode–especially in the second half–but we’re aware we can work on some better lines and better timing. This episode was done with very little preplanning and is more or less spontaneous. (You can even hear the Skype popping noises in the background…though, oddly, I think it works to alert when one of our comments is coming. :))

The way you use this file is to play Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora episode 1 at the moment the file tells you to–or, if you have the AAC edition, just cue up the chapter.

Anyways, enjoy what we’ve got! We plan to make this a semi-regular feature (probably once a month at most–we realized it takes a lot of planning to do this really well). We’d also love to hear your suggestions about what show we should tackle next. Leave your comments and suggestions below! Thanks.

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