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Scattered Cels Podcast #9 – My Bad Charlie Rose Impersonation!

In this episode, I do a totally inaccurate Charlie Rose impersonation (what would he ask about moe?), and talk about To Heart 2, the Haruhi Suzumiya broadcast order DVDs, Soukou no Strain first impressions, and what anime characters you’d like to be friends with! Jeremy couldn’t join us this week as he needed a break.

Please leave any questions or anything else you want us to address in the next episode in the comments section of this post! Thanks.

Show Notes
–OP: “Aozora Pedal,” by Arashi
–ED: “Under the Blue Sky,” by The Indigo (from Someday’s Dreamers)
Japanese fans took a poll to vote on which anime character they want
to be friends with. Doraemon wins by a large margin, with Lupin 3rd
following close behind…surprises include Rei Ayanami from Evangelion
in 9th place. Mostly because she’s so unsociable to begin with. 🙂
Haruhi Suzumiya comes to Region 1 DVD in May. Here’s the interesting
thing about it: as everyone knows, the broadcast TV episode order is
intentionally scrambled, but apparently the Japanese Region 2 DVDs
were released in chronological order. The regular edition of the
American DVDs will also be in chronological order, as specified by
contract with the Japanese licensor. However, the American special
edition will contain a bonus disc that has the show in broadcast order
to satisfy fan demand.

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