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Anime Diet Radio Episode 43 – Don’t Say That We Are Lazy…



…well, actually, at least I pretty much am. Especially for this episode, which is (for the first time in years) without any extra sound effects. It also uses songs that we’ve featured before, but not for a long time…can any of you remember or name which episodes they were used in? You win an Internet Cookie&reg if you can tell us! (And you must have been listening to us for far longer than is good for you…)

That picture above, incidentally, was randomly pulled and publically viewable from otaku dating website Otaku Crush, which is the subject of our first news item: about whether otakuism can in fact mix with dating (and what Mike found out in his brief time joining the site). We also talk about the fascinating story about the Baltimore student who killed a burglar with Kenshin-like katana blade moves, a sure sign of an otaku if there was one–a dangerous otaku, too. And for this episode’s round table, we discuss the inverse of last time’s topic: bad anime to torture people to death with!

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