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Anime Diet Radio Episode 41 – Extra Large



It’s the BIG episode of Anime Diet Radio – extra long at 63 minutes, extra stuffed with your comments in a nearly 20 minute mailbag section (though we couldn’t answer every single question…sorry!), and extra bad….or rather filled with bad ideas for anime adaptations. This time, we talk about manga death kits (or, really, will kits, but “death kits” sounds so much more marketable in the same way “death panels” is), the arrest of Noriko Sakai, and a man who decided to go out in a big way by burning his house down for his Gundam models. Our roundtable topic discusses things from American TV and film we would never want to see made into anime.

Things have been hectic lately so my original plan to stuff the mailbag and roundtable full of SFX has succumbed to my laziness weariness. Sorry if that’s your thing! Use your imaginations in case of sheer boredom.

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