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Anime Diet Radio Episode 34 – The Anime Episode



Have you noticed that Anime Diet Radio has been talking a bit more about weird Japan news and not as much about anime lately? Well, this (rather late, I know) episode changes all that. Every story and the roundtable topic are, at last, actually all related to anime for a change! Whether it’s talking about Keanu Reeves’ Cowboy Bebop (and what Sunrise has for an escape clause should it turn out…badly), Evangelion boxer shorts, or a man whose sole desire in life is to get together with a Pokemon, it’s a return to our roots. We even talk about an actual show for the Roundtable, Asu no Yoichi–again, rather late, I know. This was recorded before the last season had quite ended.

Which means, alas, that many of your listener comments were missed on this episode–we only had 5 at the time we recorded this, and we know there are 4 more that have arrived since then. Thanks! We will answer them in the next recording, which hopefully will be very soon.

A couple of notes: first, thanks to Ray for helping out with the majority of the sound effects for this episode. I think you’ll find them…striking. 🙂 Second, apologies for the clipping on my voice. I have got to learn to set levels properly while I record, though for some really odd reason, I can’t monitor them when I’m using Audio Hijack Pro for recording. (Anyone got any tips on how to do it with that piece of software? Mac only, I know…)

With that–enjoy!

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