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Anime Diet Radio Episode 3 – The Jerry Springer Director Gossip Edition


Note: this episode contains more profanity than usual, and is thus tagged “explicit” in iTunes. I contemplated releasing a bleeped version in true Jerry Springer fashion, but I didn’t have time!

It’s been a while! And have we got juicy news for you in this podcast…director and producer gossip from the hallowed halls of Studios Gainax and Ghibli. Hideaki Anno’s infamous interview in the Atlantic (broken here), Goro and Hayao Miyazaki’s catfight, and Takami Akai’s resignation from Gainax are all up for comment. We also chatter about Claymore, El Cazador de la Bruja, Hayate no Gotoku, and Darker than Black, among other ongoing spring season shows.

No extras this week–because no extras were necessary. 🙂 Everything got recorded this time. And everything is fair game!

We welcome your comments, feedback, and questions you’d like us to answer on air. Visit us at, if you’re listening to this via iTunes. Thanks!

Show Notes

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