Anime Diet Radio Episode 20: 20th Century Fox Spirits


Note: the above does not constitute an endorsement of Kanokon as a good show.

And here we are, at the big 20 for Anime Diet Radio! This episode does have some issues, though. Some of our information has turned out to be wrong about various subjects discussed in here–namely, for instance, that Code Geass is popular (it’s getting terrible ratings) or that no Pizza Hut product placements have appeared in R2 episodes. Not that that matters when we also talk about Kamen no Maid Guy, Soul Eater, Itazura na Kiss, Special A, and The Tower of Druaga. And Gackt’s pet dog. And the exact details of the people who were watching anime in class were flubbed too. It’s still a funny story.

And, of course, we didn’t make it into any finalist rounds for the Anime Blog Awards–we missed the top 5 team blogs by one vote. And apparently our extraordinary measures (listen to find out) on other blogs had no effect. Drat. Must use more efficient means next time!

Please, also, forgive the poor sound quality of my voice, which clips a lot. I did some compression tricks to mitigate it somewhat, but my recording levels were simply too high. I bought a mixer to rectify that problem permanently, as the clip light on my cheapo Audio Buddy simply didn’t tell me when it was clipping, and Audio Hijack Pro‘s built in clip meter also doesn’t work.

Show Order

  • (00:00–07:02) Introduction/Banter
  • (07:03–16:03) News Item 1: Code Geass Ep. 3 Ending Leaked
  • (16:04–24:07) News Item 2: Gackt’s Dog gets an anime
  • (24:08–36:45) Mailbag
  • (35:46–56:13) Roundtable: Kamen no Maid Guy, Itazura na Kiss, Special A, Tower of Druaga, Alison and Lilia, Soul Eater
  • (56:14–end) Conclusion

Show Notes

  • –OP: “Triangular,” by Maaya Sakamoto (OP to Macross Frontier)
  • –ED: “Never,” by Seira (OP to Kaiba)
  • –Anime News Network explains (1) what happened to cause the Geass ep. 3 leak. At this time, it also appears that images from Episode 5 (2) have also been leaked! Not that it matters, since it’s already aired in Japan.
  • –Gackt’s dog getting an anime is explained at ANN here (3) and if you read Japanese, you can find out more about Ener here (4).
  • –The story of watching anime in class is at Furu Anime Panikku (5) and I incorrectly stated that the show that got the guys all excited was Kanokon. It was To Love-ru. Which, in retrospect, may not have made such a difference considering they are both fanservice shows!

Web References for iTunes Users

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Author: gendomike

Michael lives in the Los Angeles area, and has been into anime since he saw Neon Genesis Evangelion in 1999. Some of his favorite shows include Full Metal Alchemist, Honey and Clover, and Welcome to the NHK!. Since 2003 he has gone to at least one anime convention every year. A public radio junkie, which naturally led to podcasting, he now holds a seminary degree and is looking to become Dr. Rev. Otaku Bible Man any day now. Michael can be reached at You can also find his Twitter account at @gendomike.

4 thoughts on “Anime Diet Radio Episode 20: 20th Century Fox Spirits

  1. Terrible Code Geass R2 ratings among the general TV mainstream doesn’t negate the fact that the show IS extremely popular online, not just in Western but also Japanese fandom, and that the DVDs for the first season (which also had crap ratings on TV) sold extremely, extremely well. Check out the sales numbers. That should tell you enough.

    Or to put it another way…few of you guys would doubt that Haruhi was/is popular, and that its DVDs also sold extremely well, but its Japanese TV ratings weren’t that good as well.

    The moral of the story?

    TV ratings, which try to measure how popular something is among Japanese viewers as a whole (including those who are merely casual fans), don’t tell even half of the whole story.

    If you’re going to claim that something “isn’t popular” only based on TV ratings…then many other shows you assume to be popular would have be reclassified as well, even if their sales were awesome and their avatars populate message board forums.

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  3. Hi there,

    I just wanted to thank you guys for your great show and effort.
    You’ve got fans everywhere, even in Germany – where I come from.
    I really enjoy listening to your podcast.

    I appreciate your comments and introductions to all those new shows each season.
    I’ve really enjoyed some off your tipps as for example: “Ghost Hound”.

    I hope that someday “anime” in Germany will be at least as popular as in the US,
    it’s hard to find any Anime on TV beside some rare ones on MTV-Germany (Gantz, Hellsing) and junk and 10time reruns like Dragonball/ Naruto and OnePiece.

    Luckly some MovieTheaters are beging to tune up to new ideas. They are making SpecialShow with some Anime-DVD like Neo Genesis Evangelion or now Elfenlied.

    Well so much from abroad, keep up the superb work.


    Oh btw if Mike “Gendou Ikari” runs for World Leadership, he will have some votes from Germany too. I’ll take care of that. >evillaughter<

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