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Severing Crime Edge, fetish anime, hand-fetish!


Girls never talk erotic stuff. Why don’t they talk dirty? What kind of eroticism they have on their mind? What kind of fantasy? That’s what I’m always interested in, and I want to have extensive conversation about it with girls since it’s a complete mystery to me. The Severing Crime Edge is a fetish anime, and it shows few kinds of paraphilia. So, it’s anime for the advanced level, which is very educating.

And there is a Fifty Shades of Gray character in it. Oh yes, Ruka, the VP of the high school student council. This red hair girl is totally BDSM, a sadist. Yes, dominatrix with a whip. Oh yes, master and slave play, SM play. That is like Aku No Hana, Nakamura-san as master and Kasuga as slave. Ruka has her own philosophy, that pigs must be obedient all the time. Yes, I’m a moe pig. So, I need to be obedient. Tame this delinquent pig with your mighty whip! But I rather want to be a master though, so I go to Maid Cafe.

Ruka is a hot looking girl, so she is constantly surrounded by guys. But she complains to Iwai-chan about it. She says, “Men should all die.” She accuses, “Men are all ‘I want to fuck her, fuck her, fuck her,’ that’s all they have on their mind when they approach me.” Immediately, after her accusation of men, otakus commented at once, “I’m sorry.” We simply made an apology to her.

But don’t girls also want to sleep with ikemen? Of course, they do. They want to sleep with Fabio. I have no doubt about it. Guys always talk erotic stuff openly, but I don’t hear girls talk that kind of stuff, so I have no idea, so I just google to find out. Only in anime, girls show their libido obviously. But not in reality. They don’t even talk about it. And then, this anime comes out and now I’m learning that girls actually do have fetishism. But why can’t girls be more open about it? Are they socially repressed? Because girls have weaker desires? I don’t think so. 50 Shades Of Gray got successful because girls are extremely perverted, more perverted than most men do. Otherwise, this can’t be selling 20 million copies worldwide. They just don’t express it in public. So, they are basically muttsuri (covert sukebe).

Speaking of fetish, just recently I’ve found out that a lot of girls are hand-fetish when googling girls’ fetish. But that’s the first time I ever heard about it. But why do they feel sexy from hands? Hand is just hand. I don’t feel anything from hands of girls, I don’t even look at them in the first place. We dudes are oppai fetish, we always feel aroused by looking at T&A, but hand? Umm, can’t get it. Complete mystery to me.

Yet, back in my college years, I remember some girls suddenly took my hand and said, “Your hands are really pretty” without my consent. Well, I didn’t know what was going on, and I didn’t know what the hell they were doing with it, so I just let it pass. On top of that, this was the same hand that was doing self-consolation, so I didn’t understand why they wanted to toy with such impure sinful part like that. But now I know why, so when they took my hand, I could have said to them, “Please make miso soup for me every morning. (=Will you marry me?)”

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