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One Week Friends: Kaori-chan wasn’t a virgin!?

kaori6One Week Friends, ahh, ep 8, that was a divine episode…until…

Ah, I want to karaoke-date…

Ah, so divine. How I wish that kind of girl existed when I was in high school? That innocence, totally welcoming personality accepting todos, kind and tender and gentle, the epitome of yamato-nadeshiko (Japanese girl). Her off-school private fashion is very iyashi-kei (therapeutic), fairy-like gentleness, softness, yes, softness is feminine, as I’m a feminist, I seek femininity, and that is Fujimiya Kaori. I’m not really into gyaru-fashion, or like playgirls going to club, having shots and grinding goons with DJ music. But I’m not against promiscuity, I think that’s personal freedom, as I believe in liberty, it’s just my personal otaku preference that I adore a pure-hearted girl like Kaori-chan.

I like her hairstyle, she ties her hair and makes a small ball or bun next to her ear. Ah, so cute, kawaii! Japanese JK (high school girls) are really kawaii, at least in the anime. I hadn’t seen real Japanese high school girls for a long time, and as I went back to Japan last year, I saw them everywhere in Tokyo metro area, train stations, shopping centers, streets, I didn’t realize they were that many…and their school uniform made me sad, that made me re-realize that I could never go back to my high school years…yes, saudade


And I can never join a school reunion, because I don’t want to see my past crushes with different last names. Yes, in Japan, married couples can’t have a different last name, so it has to be the same family name, and usually, or 99% of the time, girls change their surname to men’s, which is totally bullsh@t. That means she has totally become man’s. Yes, men’s property or chattel. My crushes have to be eternally maiden, or virgin, as maiden and virgin, both translated to “otome (乙女、処女).” So, they have to keep maiden names. So, I can’t even do SNS school reunion website like Mixi or facebook, it just causes too much grief in me.  That’s why I never joined any school reunion from Japan.

Girls I loved have to be eternal in me. My biggest fear is that they already got married, lost maiden name, and raising kids, especially losing maiden name is losing virginity symbolically. Lost maiden is lost virgin = lost hymen, the sacred membrane of maiden. Literally or physically it’s not the case most of the time in such sexually liberal countries like Japan, but still, eternity is virginity, or maidenness. And Kaori-chan is the epitome of virgin, but not Virgin Mary. Virgin Mary Cult is de facto “mother cult,” not “virgin virgin.” In fact, she had sex other than Joseph, so she wasn’t actually a virgin, so her maiden era was completely unknown, so I think this whole new Loli-con (Lolita complex) in animedom is a new virgin cult. Or true Virgin Cult, which fills the vacuum of “virgin-virgin cult.” And Kaori-chan is the epitome of Virgin/Maiden. That’s why I don’t like Joseph, or any man that has changed girl’s last name to his. That’s really sexist and infuriating and saddening. It completely destroys me. That’s why I’m John Lennonist, “Imagine there is no possession,” yes, do not possess women by changing their last names to yours. Aparigraha (“no-possession” in Yoga) is the way. Or alternative is libertarian civil union or PACS, either way, marriage-abolitionism, no more marriage. But that can be seen only in anime, as 3D girls grow older and change, get married, become mothers, or become career women. Once graduated from school, maidenness is lost. And I also grow older, and I can never go back to high school again. So, anime is my only access to my virtual high school life, yes, it’s my projection.

Ahh, I want to hug Kaori-chan too!

Kaori-chan is eternal feminine. Her body language is really open, she has no sign of rejection or avoidance to Hase-kun, as I identify myself with Hase-kun, which makes me utterly happy.

The black hair dude…probably Kaori’s ex…

But, ep 8, the last part was a bad omen, the black haired dude I never seen before showed up, and I had a bad premonition that he was Kaori-chan’s ex-boyfriend. I mean, if her memory comes back, that dude will be her boyfriend again. Or that dude thinks Kaori-chan is still his. Yes, that dude possesses her by already having had sex with her. So, Kaori-chan is not a virgin, which completely ruined my innocent dream, the fact that she had sexual activities before… the sacred image of my virgin has crumbled. Yes, my own kind of Virgin Cult was completely shattered into pieces… After this shocking truth was revealed, I bought a bottle of wine at Albertsons and got myself drunk.

Ah, this beautiful scene…reminds me of Friday Roadshow

Yes, the fact that Hase-kun wasn’t the first man hurt me so badly. Her first man was that dude. Holy sh@t…already NTRed… I feel like Quasimodo all the time. I hope Kaori-chan still has amnesia. I really fear what if her memory recovers, I mean that’s what I was hoping before, but now, I’m torn, I want her to get better, but if she gets better, she will forget about Hase-kun and go out with that dude. Total dilemma! Ah, romance is so schadenfreude!


Yet, on the other hand, I can think like this; I just need to trust women’s nature: Girl forgets her first man while man never forgets his first girl forever. One of my acquaintances told me when he went to his high school reunion and had a conversation with his first girl, she told him, “Were you my first man?” And he got shocked and depressed. That’s girl’s nature: forget past romances. What’s important is current romance, past romance is already past to her. So, I really hope even Kaori-chan recovers her memory and remembers her ex-boyfriend, she will still choose Hase-kun, because Hase-kun is her current man, no doubt about it. That’s what I wish in the worst case scenario! Otherwise, no salvation in this anime, which completely defeats the purpose!

I want to firework too!
Wish this last forever…
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