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Some pics from Aya-chan’s Photo book and others from the net.

EDIT, 8/1/07 12:30 PM: Links fixed.

These are just previews to whet your appetite. To support her get a copy of the book at YesAsia or Amazon Japan, and any other places you can find. The photo book is about $25, and YesAsia has free shipping on this item to most countries, including the US and Europe. For a more detailed report see Hashihime’s page. I’m also posting some pics of Aya that I found on the net not in the photo book. Anyway, on to the pics…

From the photo book:

From the net:

If you like her please support her by buying a copy of her photo book!

I’m also including a shortened version of Aya’s cover of the ED of Fullmetal Panic Fumoffu. Check it out:


EDIT, TOO: Otakus rejoice! I guess Aya-chan has a thing for figurines just like some of us! Check out this link and after drooling over other pics, go to the bottom: 

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