Aku No Hana, buruma fetish, indirect skinship.


Oh Yes! This manga-ka is a genuius. Even Urobuchi can’t come up with this creative idea.. How can he come up with that incredible idea? That you wear bloomers of the girl you are about to go on a date. And she doesn’t know about it! Yes, bloomers, or buruma. Oh, yes. Dragonball’s heroine’s name was Buruma. Ms. Amelia Bloomer, a 19th century American feminist, promoted the bloomers, thus the name “Bloomers,” becomes “buruma” in Japanese. And in Japan, it was worn by girls for PE class in K-12. Yes, until I was a high schooler, buruma was the official PE uniform for girls. But now, because Tajima Yoko and Azuma Chizuru, those two Japanese femi-nazis, made a fuss about it, it has been abolished. So, now, we can never see buruma girls again. It’s so ironic that buruma was started by feminists and abolished by feminists.


Oh yes, PE uniform is so fetish. The huge name tag on the chest, and you write your name by yourself with a marker, so, it’s that girl’s handwriting. Same with that handwritten name tag on sukumizu (school swimsuit). The handwriting of the girl you fantasize, and the protrusion of the handwritten name tag on the breasts, and with combination of tight buruma, ultimate fetish. Yes, tight buruma, eating up in the butt cleavage. That was our Seishun (youth). But now, no one sees that anymore, so I feel sorry for the current Japanese youth who grow up not knowing of buruma. They just see it in anime, and they don’t know it actually existed. So, there is a generational gap. Thus, buruma becomes moe-zokusei, a thing you can never attain in reality.

Saeki talking to a guy who actually stoled her buruma.
Saeki talking to a guy who actually stole her buruma.

And who wears a buruma of the girl that you are currently dating, especially without her knowledge? But, how does that happen in the first place? Well, this Nakamura girl, she catches Kasuga stealing buruma from Saeki’s locker after school. And Saiki is the girl he has a huge crush on! Because Nakamura blackmails him to wear a buruma and go on a date with Saeki, otherwise, she will tell everyone that he stole Saeki’s buruma. So, basically he does everything Nakamura orders him to do like a slave. It’s so hilarious. Comedy gold. I never laughed this hard. Yup, reap what you sow. And what’s funny is that Nakamura-san does look like that femi-nazi woman, Tajima Youko! Yes, the one who abolished buruma from Japanese schools. Nakamura-san is young Tajima! Both of them have buruma connection.


But this burumania Kasuga, smelling buruma on the spot was still okay, but why did he bring it home? It’s contagious magic, according to the theory of James George Frazer. I remember back in my high school years, our HR teacher told the class that some girl’s bicycle saddle went missing. And the whole school went panic. But no one came forward. The statue of limitations ran out. Oh, yes, she was so cute, many guys were after her, and we were sure that one of these guys did it. We accused of each other, but no one could find out who actually did it. Police didn’t even care to do the investigation. But I felt sorry for her, she had to go home with her bicycle without the saddle. But, my point is, this crime was still based on the idea of contagious magic. Yes, contagious magic, in other words, is “indirect skinship.”

Kunka Kunka (smelling).
Kunka Kunka (smelling).

Yes, anything she is wearing or in her possession. Yes, her property, which is buruma in this case. But rather than property, I rather get connected to her things-in-themselves, like Kana-chan’s or Chii-chan’s. Why has to be one step further away? Because Japan is skinshipless society, can’t get directly to her, which produces so many clothing fetish. Yes, as substitutions for the real girls.

But anyway, how come clothing fetishism is widely denounced? I think clothing fetishism is wonderful, it’s humanity. Deep longing for buruma is romantic adventure. Even in the Scriptures, a woman grabbed the garment of Christ, and her sickness was instantly healed. See, that is contagious magic, indirect skinship, yes, indeed fetishism! Same thing, you want to grab the garment (buruma) of the girl you have a crush on. Because buruma is elixir! Buruma is the life saver. It cures everything. See the connection here? But, these femi-nazes took away buruma from us. How could they…? Buruma is as holy as Shroud of Turin. So, garment fetishism is sacred, since Christianity is garment fetishism. So, if you denounce buruma-maniac, then automatically you are anti-Christ.

So, I declare that whoever abolished buruma from Japanese schools, especially Tajima Yoko and Azuma Chizuru, are anti-Christ!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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