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What a great way to raise funds!

From ANN

Japan’s 1st Non-Profit Cosplay Organization Formed

…Cosengokai, the self-described first non-profit organization dedicated to supporting cosplayers (themed costumers) in Japan, will begin operations in November to “raise public awareness of wholesome cosplay culture and provide consultation for cosplayers who have been victims of crimes…”

…Cosengokai is also planning to publish “the First Japanese Cosplay White Paper, the first of its kind in the cosplay field,” next March…

Ray’s take: so, dressing up and parading yourselves in public shouldn’t be the reason why people would think they are invited to make fun of you? Try telling people that in American High Schools.  We have a term for that – “freaks”. XD

Seriously, though, finally cosers are getting together and forming a group to protect themselves. Hey, maybe they can open an institution or teach lessons for people who want to do professional cosplays! People can even dress up and make some money and establish a Cosplay College?

Oh and, keep it “wholesome”, please. Hairy men dressing up as Haruhi may give a lot of women the wrong ideas! XD

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