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Want to live in a real Samurai Hotel? You’re in luck!

Or at least you can see some authentic Samurai culture if you”re going be in Kyoto during Sept. 29-30.

From Anime News Network

Samurai-Era Culture Festival with Anime Held in Kyoto

The Toei Kyoto Studio Park in the former Japanese capital of Kyoto is holding the Uzumasa Sengoku Festival, a September 29-30 event showcasing anime, games, and samurai traditions.

The festival plans to show Shigurui, Mononoke, Guardian of the Sacred Spirit, Koutetsu Sangokushi, Ayakashi Ayashi, Gag Manga Biyori, and Samurai 7 anime. The festival also includes movie screenings, live music, and cosplay.

Ray’s take: Hyaaa! Gokugazasanma! Kazumushiuta! Hai hai, kochimo, sochimo bakabaka! Zenzen aho! Nondeyanen…Uh, ahem (putting away my bokken), I mean, if you’re in Kyoto you should check it out. I like “Guardian of the Sacred Spirit” but it doesn’t get enough coverage. I hope they have historical re-enactments. I’ve been looking for ways to whack some people with my new bokken…I mean to practice my sword art with it, yeah, that’s it…

(Pictures used are from SNL)

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