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Successful Neon Genesis Evangelion money making scam…I mean merchandising scheme.

From Anime News Service

EVA’s Economic Impact
GAINAX figures over 6000 merchandise products have been sold to date based on its Evangelion property, generating around 150 billion Yen of revenue. 15 million+ copies of the manga and over 10 million CD and video caopies have been sold. Over 600,000 units of pinball slot machines and 100,000 of 3 flavors of pinball slot machines have been successfully marketed. 180,000 copies of the latest PS2 game Evangelion CR have been sold since the release in February.

Ray’s take: I really did help with saving the Japanese economy – I spend about $5000 on anime stuff when I was in Japan. Once again, the Americans came to the rescue!!!

But I really didn’t play with the pachinko machine – one of the my students is a big fan of it but not the actual anime – he claimed that the machine kills him every time he plays.

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