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Some interesting tidbits about the new Eva movies.

Editor’s Note: this news is translated from a Chinese website. See reference link at the bottom.

Quote Anno (tr.): “This is the only time and place to make the Evangelion that fits my ideal.”

Anno changed the name of the project back to its original name, title simply “Evangelion.” And he created a special studio, “Color.” Just for this.

In theaters on September 1st, the “Neon Genesis Evangelion New Theatrical version: Introduction” include stories from the episode first to episode six of the TV. Anno planned on using some of the old TV scenes mix together with newly drawn CG, much like what Tomino did in Gundam Zeta Trilogy, but under the strong suggestions of the creative staff it was decided that everything will be newly redrawn with CG and new logos, which makes this Eva a new Eva.

One thing that receive fan approval is that all the seiyuu from the original TV series and movies will be back.

Ray’s Take: I’m not a crazy Eva fanboy like Mike, but I’m looking forward to Kotono-san and Megumi-san reprising their old roles with even more upgraded skills. I wonder how many fanboys will be “having fun” to Asuka and how many fangirls will be “having fun” to the Karou and Shinji pairing in Japan (and perhaps the rest of the Otaku world)?

Source. You can see the preview pics there.

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