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Singapore has canes, Singapore has guts for breakfast, and now Singapore has Yakitate!! Japan bread!

Remember our friends struggling for anime freedom in Singapore? Now for some special rations!

From ANN

Animax Pitches Yakitate!! Japan in Singapore with Bread 

…part of the promotion for Animax’s Southeast Asian English television premiere of the Yakitate!! Japan breadmaking anime series on November 28, Singapore’s BreadTalk store chain is offering Yakitate!! Japan buns during November…

Ray’s take:..and that’s great news. I got getting sick of having sploggers’ guts for breakfast and dodging police coming after me with canes, chains, spiked clubs, and claymores.   Good thing my ass is still intact. Oh, and I apologize for spray painting the cars with blood. Look, blood splatters happen when I eat sploggers’s guts raw!

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