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Oh, so THAT’S what they were on!

From the Anime News Network:

Toshiaki Takemoto, the 39-year-old author who wrote the novel inspiration for the Kamikaze Girls manga and live-action film under the pen-name Novala Takemoto, was arrested in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward for violating Japan’s Cannabis Control Law on Monday. An affidavit stated that Takemoto allegedly “began smoking cannabis overseas out of curiosity. [He] also carried it back to Japan.”

And this is not just any slacker longhair hippie. He’s in touch with his feminine side!

His writings on girls’ interests and fashion led to his self-description as a man with “the charisma of otome (young ladies).” He published his first novel, Missin’ in 2000, and an essay collection entitled Soleilnuit: For Becoming a Proper Young Lady in 2001.

He is also well known for his goth loli works.

Mike’s Take: you know, after watching FLCL, Dragon Half, and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, one does begin to wonder what kind of drugs those guys were on. Weed? Pfft. That’s for weaklings. The guys who created Dragon Half got arrested for coke. The boys at Gainax must have had some good LSD while making FLCL. And who knows what Satoshi Kon’s smoking!

Somebody needs to play Dark Side of the Moon and The End of Evangelion together.

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