Mangaka Art Work for Japan to Hold On!

Arale and Goku - Message from Toriyama Akira

Finding this link [EDIT] and more in this link, filled with wonderful Japanese artwork calling for the Japanese to hold on, is quite inspirational, and reminder of the popular industry that has roots in Japan. Being a sincere anime and manga fan. Please hold on Japan!

Haruhi prays for Japan

Despite the fact that there are delays and cancellations, have you consider your worth as an Anime/Manga fan?

Arina Tanemura's message that You're Not Alone!

There are more images from Gurren Laggen, Galaxy Express 999, Phoenix Wright. Are these images you find to be reassured by?

Chi mentions Gambatte Kudasai!

In Japan there will be a further doujinshi fund raising efforts, ANN lists the mangaka in English.

Minna Gambare! Message from Chopper and Luffy!

There are more work to be done, please consider donating for relief efforts.

Anime and Manga Bloggers for Japan Link
Anime and Manga Bloggers for Japan is just one of these relief efforts. This was an effort that was started by Daniella over at All About Manga, and further along by our own Mike. More work is going to be updating in the coming days about this newly formed site via blogging and tweeting. So Anime Diet Readers, did you think about supporting us?

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