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From ICv2 News  (boy it’s been a long time since I found anything interesting there) –

FUNimation’s ‘One Piece’ Debuts on Toonami 

…FUNimation’s One Piece episodes airing on the Cartoon Network will be censored — Sanji won’t have a cigarette in his mouth (in fact, unlike the 4Kids version in which he was sucking on a lollipop, he won’t have anything), but at least in the FUNimation/Cartoon Network version the characters will have real guns rather than pop guns and squirt guns as they did in the lamentable 4Kids version — and fans will have access to uncut, uncensored episodes on DVD…

Ray’s take: I guess cigarettes would give the American Yaoi fans too much to drool about…But I thought lolipop used to signify sucking on it…Censoring out cigarettes (snicker), well, I hate smoking so I guess that’s a good thing. But it isn’t like the tobacco companies don’t bother targeting kids at all. Trust me, kids know exactly what he was sucking on. At least FUNimation is smart enough to realize that kids already know that these guys were shooting people with guns. Geez, isn’t that the reality these days or are we back in the ’50s where even married couples slept in different beds on 50’s American TV?

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