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Interviews and changes on production IG’s website.

From Anime UK News

Production I.G (animation studio behind the likes of Ghost in the Shell) have been hard at work on their extensive official website for a long time now and with their recently updated interview sections, there are many new features worth reading; features that have been fully translated into well-written English text.

Every single one of Production I.G’s works are listed on their website, each work has a dedicated page packed with interviews, episode guides, information about the staff & cast and much more. The recently updated page for Maaya Sakamoto’s new music video, “Universe“, contains an on-going interview with the woman herself (two parts are already fully translated). Other notable pages of interest (with a large amount of interviews) include Blood+ and Le Chevalier D’Eon.

Ray’s Take: Sakamoto Maaya’s got a great voice in both singing and acting. For next month’s column its a toss up between her and the second female seiyuu that I fell in love with, Kuwashima Houko-chan.

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