Information on Genshiken TV 2

Editor’s Note: except the comment at the bottom and in parentheses, all of this article is translated from a Chinese news web site. See the link below.

(Editor’s note: I guess the OVA doesn’t really count – this is news on a new TV series) “After a 3 year-hiatus, there will be another Genshiken TV series in the fall!!!!!!” (Editor’s note: Exclamation marks added).

“This time, the show will have a big part involving the romance between the new club president – Sasahara Kanji and the new member Ogiue Chika who says she hates otakus and especially despise female otakus (fujoshi). Also, the audience will get a good look at Comiket and especially the process of producing a doujinshi.”

“As for “drama within drama”, in addition to Kujibiki Unbalance, the galgame that Sasahara loves will also be made into a ‘drama within drama’. ”

Check out the preview pics on the source website.


Ray’s Take: It’s not particularly funny or dramatic, but hey, it’s a bible for the novice Otaku in my NOT so humble opinion. Watch and learn where the “cool” comes from.

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