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Gundam 00 sneak preview.

From Anime News Service

Gundam 00 Sneak Preview Attendence Aims At 5 Figure Marque 

Mantan mentions an early sneak preview of the new TV animation Gundam 00 was held at Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo on the first with and main cast figures and staff speaking at a kickoff stage greeting.

The storyline is set in a future world not to far afield from “the real world” in which nation blocks battle for energy resources. Around 2000 people attended the Nakano screening. Previews are being held in 28 places across the whole country, 15,000 people are expected to participate in those. Rumors that series will run 6 months (25 episodes) with a later resumed storyline via a sequel series were confirmed.

Ray’s take: Well, the franchise is old. I’m thinking from this point on all the gundams that will get made will have bishonen in them. Let’s see what they’ll do for Gundam 00001…At least I won’t have to sleep through 20 filler episodes. These days the timeline of Sci-Fi shows are closer and closer to the real world. Maybe the “end” is coming. XD

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