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Get your very own Lance of Longinus…

Replica, that is.

Here’s the headline from Anime News Service:

GAINAX Auctions Lance Of Longinus Replica

“With the release of the new movie GAINAX has continued their promotional campaign with Yahoo by auctioning off an authorized scale replica of the Lance Of Longinus object from the Eva series. The auction runs Friday, August 31, 2007 – September 7th, as of this writing its received 797 bids and the current bid is 350,003,008 Yen.”

“Ironworker Kaoru Watanabe created the flat-iron steel lance which is 2,200mm long, 200mm wide, and weighs 28kg. You can view some images of the lance’s creation and use in the series here.”

Here’s the actual auction page:;evastore_auc

Ray’s take: the price is currently at 9,999,999,999 yen, I did the conversion on It comes out to 86,381,894.35 USD! I think I saw someone cursing in frustration saying: “Aw damnit! And I wanted to skewer one of my professors with that!” XD

The only thing I’m not so impressed with was that Japanese muscle chick. XP And I’ll never pay for a piece of metal like that – even if I want it I can just get a local blacksmith to do it for probably 5K…But why would the hell would I???

On second thought, here’s a groanful pick up line one can use at the convention with this baby on hand: “Hey there, Rei Ayanami! I got the lance and you won’t feel unsafe tonight!” Har har har har.

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