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Forget Special K’s, try Special A’s!

Not for me, however.

From ICv2 News

‘Special A’ Manga Gets Anime-Mated
According to AnimeNation, Minami Maki’s S.A manga (published in the U.S. as Special A by Viz Media) will be adapted into an anime series.

Maki’s 11-volume shojo romance will debut in the U.S. in November with a second volume due in January. It tells the story of a ferocious competition between two top high school students, a handsome, smooth number one student and his hardworking female challenger, who like so many characters in romantic manga have a relationship that stretches back to childhood.

Ray’s take: I had my breakfast with Special K’s, but what the fuck is Special A’s??? In any case, if it’s good than Mike will watch it, and I can make fun of him for watching more shojo shows. XD The concept sure sounds like Kare Kano anyways…No, he forced me to watch about 6 episode of that on rm. I didn’t want to!!!! XD

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