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Few soon and future releases for anime DVDs in UK

For our readers from Britain, if y’all didn’t know this one already.

From Anime Corporation News

MVM Picks up Witchblade, Black Lagoon for the UK

…MVM has licensed Witchblade and Black Lagoon for English UK DVD releases…

Bleach UK Trailer 

…”hip, flashy, funkily fragmented” UK release of the Bleach anime…

Ray’s take:  I got a gripe here. What, they can’t get funky, British-accented people to do the promotional video for UK? I mean, this is what they mean by “hip, flashy, funkily fragmented”? With an announcer with a voice like that? He’s not even British? I mean, I know that’s their in-house announcer. But see, localization is important in doing businesses, especially when doing promotions for a new product. I know nothing about the UK market but I wonder if the folks there would appreciate it better if they can hear someone speaks in one of their familiar accents in the promotional trailer.

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