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From ANN

Station Cites Principal’s Arrest for Pulling Nymphet 

The TV Saitama station in Japan has explained in a statement on October 11 that it suspended its broadcast of the controversial Kodomo no Jikan (Nymphet) television anime series “out of consideration for the community in light of the [alleged] solicitation of children by an elementary school vice-principal in Sapporo and other incidents.”

Ray’s take: first, please read the rest of the news by going to ANN, second, depending on what you are, either start feeling disgusted or start planning your very own “kodomo no jikan…”

Wow. I…Should I even be surprised…at how much the vice principal made??? I’ve always suspected that many principals are loli-cons, but this man’s got some business sense!

Seriously, only if he had used his business sense on running a better school somehow or used his brain for something more constructive instead of exploiting children (ugh)…Oh well.

Damn, crimes sure happen to run quite rampant when anime is playing…Can we please get a Miko-san in the house?

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