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A little bit of the effect of the aftermath of Geneon’s downfall.

From ANN

Geneon USA President & CEO Sends Message to Fans (Editor’s note: part of the letter included)

The anime licensee Geneon Entertainment (USA) notified members of its Geneon Spot fan club that the club will be closing as part of the company’s restructuring. It also sent the following message (PDF format) from its President and CEO, Eiji Orii:

October 5, 2007

To our fans,

Recently, we announced that we will not be accepting orders on Geneon products after Friday, September 28, 2007. We have read your comments that you have emailed and posted on various web sites, and received your numerous calls.

At this time, we are internally discussing plans to explore all available options to continue distribution of Geneon titles, both old and new, at a later date. However, nothing is certain at this time. We will release more information to the public once we have any concrete plans, if any.

(Editor’s note: See ANN for the full letter)

Ray’s take: Nothing is certain in today’s world. As we at anime diet see it, this event, however small in the overall multimedia universe, may just be the signal of the possible end of multimedia storage on physical medium such as discs. Our short discussion on the subject follows in our podcast episode 13.

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